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Why should I pay money when content is out there for free?

Free content platforms aren't built for creators, they're built for advertisers. Platforms will always cater towards the customer who pays, which leads to platforms that don't have the viewer or the creators in mind. Youtube demonetizes videos, Spotify pays the music labels, and Instagram/Reddit give the creators nothing while monetizing the content via ads.

Nonio aims to change that through three simple ways:

  1. You choose what things get rewarded.
  2. No ads, ever.
  3. Fully open source - if non.io ever fucks up, you can make a clone of it overnight.
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With software there are only two possibilites: either the users control the programme or the programme controls the users. If the programme controls the users, and the developer controls the programme, then the programme is an instrument of unjust power.
Richard Stallman